Glamshades also known as walk through curtains, curves blinds, are stylish, innovative blinds which offer the elegant look of curtains combined with the functionality and versatility of vertical blinds.

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These unique ‘clever curtain’ blinds are created from a KOREAN soft but strong material that hangs beautifully like curtains. The big difference is that they also act like blinds for easy adjustment, better light filtration, and airflow management. These are true modern blinds, with no clumsy weights or other handling issues. You can walk through Glamshades, whatever configuration you use.Glamshades are famous for their stylish looks, durability, and very low maintenance needs. Their classic good looks are ideal for any environment, home, or business. The two-sided folds can be changed from translucent to opaque with a simple twist of the guide wand.

Other Product info

Recommended ForAll interior sliding, Bi-Fold doors.
Maximum WidthCustom tracks made up to 5000mm. Can be multi-linked for wider applications
Available SystemsStandard, Feather Glide
ControlsWand operated, chainless/weightless bottoms.
Fabric Options:Plain and self-prints with opaque and translucent options
Colours:10 colours to choose from with White, Beige, Grey and Black track colours, and matching wands
Warranty: Our 7-year standard fabric warranty
Benefits:Large sliding door application, walk through blinds, works like verticals, 2-in1 light filtering and see through, easy light control, no privacy issues, easy to use, simple to operate, dust resistant, best for owner occupied properties and offices.

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